• How Startups Beyond Silicon Valley Land Funding, Jan. 2018

    A good venture capitalist can spot promising “under the radar” companies that need funding. With Silicon Valley and New York City saturated with well-funded startups, these venture capitalists have begun seeking opportunity in further-flung cities not traditionally regarded as “tech hubs.” For example, venture-capital firm Revolution’s Rise of the Rest Seed Fund is finding and […]

  • Origin, Mission and FAQs

    How did Rapport start? The platform was originally conceived of inside of a consulting firm called The SOAP Group.  SOAP (started in 2003) helped progressive companies manage, reduce and own their environmental impact.  They realized that they were spending (and billing) a ridiculous amount of time trying to get real data out of their customers. Most often, data was […]


    It started innocently enough. “I wonder what the carbon footprint of the Death Star is?” It’s a fair question for a group of sustainability and pop-culture nerds. Once we started researching, we realized the problem with calculating the carbon impact of the Death Star is totally solvable. Than planet smashing super-weapon turns out to be fairly eco-friendly. But the supply chain […]


    Portfolio Manager — the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s free software tool — helps building owners and managers benchmark their buildings’ environmental performance against others. The EPA claims that 40% of the U.S. commercial space is benchmarked on this taxpayer-funded platform, and that these buildings benefit from a 2.4% reduction in energy use on average — an […]

  • The Invoice of the Future – Connecting Sustainable Supply Chains

    Note:  Originally published for Earth Shift Global  – a leading LCA software, training and consulting firm. Supply chains are fragmented – disconnected by all but one thin piece of connective tissue.  There is a vague sense of connectivity as costs are accumulated while goods move from point of origin up a supply chain towards a final […]

  • Cities Step Up: Reflections on Sorenson Impact’s Winter Innovation Summit 2017

    Thematically, this year’s Winter Innovation Summit (Salt Lake City, January 25 -27) sat at the center of the following Venn: Topics ranged from using data to improve operations to user-centric design for better government interfaces to leveraging agile development principles for policy design. For sustainability-data nerds like us, this was pure gold. Industry leaders expressed […]

  • Nice work, Portland

    Portland, Maine, punches above its weight. Our city produces food that’s superior to cities with ten times its population. The beer scene is one of the best in the U.S. And, as a coastal city that’s dependent on its rich natural resources and threatened by unmitigated climate change, we are proud that this exceptionality now […]

  • Rapport Announces Strategic Partnership with Choose Energy

    Sustainability Software Platform Integrates Online Energy Marketplace FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Portland, ME — September 27, 2016 — Rapport, the leading sustainability management platform for small and midsized businesses, has announced a strategic partnership with Choose Energy, the leading online marketplace for energy choice in the United States. Choose Energy offers a selection of energy plans […]

  • Rapport Enters Municipal Market : Portland Maine To Track Environmental Impact With Rapport

    We’re very excited to announce our entry into the municipal market with Portland, Maine.  Portland is dedicated to understanding its environmental impact and is taking a progressive position in sustainability and resiliency.  We’re thrilled to be working with the city leadership on this initiative. From the MaineBiz (MB) article: MB: How unique is it that Portland […]

  • Rapport Selected to Help City of Portland Track and Reduce Environmental Impact

    The City of Portland recently signed an agreement with Rapport, a leading sustainability management platform, to provide environmental impact measurement, monitoring, and reporting for 50 city buildings including municipal offices and schools. The idea of building energy benchmarking is simple: building owners collect and report data on how a building uses energy and water, and […]

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