This is a Pro-Panopticon Essay. In prison architecture, the structural Panopticon allows for all inmates to be viewed by a single watchman. Surveillance is control, and this is why it works. It is this assumption that drives compliance with prison yard rules. Of course, it is impossible to always be watching every inmate, to be […]

  • Building Rapport: Scenes from the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Silicon Valley

    Last week featured one of the coolest stops I’ve made on this entrepreneurial journey: the 2016 Global Entrepreneurial Summit hosted by President Obama at Stanford’s campus in Palo Alto. The biggest names in business and government, coming together in the Mecca of startups (and land of 2.3Xsurge pricing)… read more on Medium.

  • Rapport Named Environmental Leader Product of the Year

    Rapport has received the Top Product of the Year Award in the 2016 Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards. The Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards is a program recognizing excellence in products and services that provide  companies with energy and environmental benefits, or in projects implemented by companies that improved environmental or energy management and increased the […]

  • Employee engagement, sustainability, Thailand, Interface

    I just found a journal entry from 2012.  It was from an 18-month research project we did with  Interface carpet working to discover the secrets of sustainability and employee engagement. It’s kind of a Hunter S Thompson-esque rambling mess. Maybe it was the start of a novel about the seedy underbelly of sustainability consulting….   Dispatch Thailand. […]

  • How technology democratized sustainable business practices

    In my latest post for Richard Branson’s, I tug on a common Rapport thread – the tension between large multinational enterprises with deep pockets and appetites for sustainability and the small and midsized businesses that make up their supply chains.  When speaking at conferences, we often couch this pressure in the familiar 99% vs. 1% debates.  But […]

  • Overheard at GreenBiz16 – Day 2

    Day 2 here at GreenBiz16   It started off with a sunrise hike up Camel Back Mountain.  Then back to the event for another full day of thought -leadership and bumping into old friends from ColeHaan, Staples and the Rainforest Alliance.  Tons of new friends were made from Optoro, The Sustainability Consortium and more. Here’s some of what […]

  • Overheard at GreenBiz16 – Day 1

    Erica P and I are out here in Phoenix for GreenBiz 16 – an annual gathering of the juggernauts of all things sustainability and business. In the first 6 hours of the conference, here are a few thoughts on topics and trends. “WE SURVEY 1700 SUPPLIERS, SOON TO BE 2000.” – WALMART Walmart is digitally […]

  • Rapport represents Maine in RGGI Round Table

    Rapport CoFounder John Rooks will be part of the Natural Resources Council of Maine’s climate business roundtable event featuring Senator Angus King and a diverse panel of Maine business leaders. We’ll address topics such as how Maine’s membership in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) has helped Maine and positioned the state to meet the requirements of the Clean Power […]

  • Rapport is Hiring

    Based in Portland, Maine, Rapport is on a mission to democratize sustainability for millions of businesses around the world. We design, build, and sell software that helps businesses track and reduce their environmental footprint. This has the added benefits of reducing operating costs, conferring competitive advantage, and enhancing market reputation. The sustainability software market, currently […]

  • Rapport returns to Eurekatown

    We returned to speak with Eurekatown after the Rise of the Rest competition to share some of our lessons about building and delivering a successful business pitch. Listen to the podcast here.

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