Rapport Selected to Help City of Portland Track and Reduce Environmental Impact
Rapport Selected to Help City of Portland Track and Reduce Environmental Impact

Rapport Selected to Help City of Portland Track and Reduce Environmental Impact


The City of Portland recently signed an agreement with Rapport, a leading sustainability management platform, to provide environmental impact measurement, monitoring, and reporting for 50 city buildings including municipal offices and schools. The idea of building energy benchmarking is simple: building owners collect and report data on how a building uses energy and water, and then use that data to make energy efficiency upgrades to save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Energy benchmarking allows cities to create and then meet energy efficiency and climate change reduction goals.

“Building benchmarking supports Portland’s goals to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions and save taxpayers’ money,” said City Councilor Jon Hinck. “By benchmarking the city’s buildings, we will be demonstrating how this can be done by all building owners.”

Troy Moon, the City’s Sustainability Coordinator, agrees. “The City of Portland strives to use resources in the most economical and environmentally conscious manner possible. Calculating our environmental footprint will help us make informed decisions about resource management. Working with Rapport will reduce the significant administrative burdens of manual data collection and enhance the accuracy of our reporting.”

Rapport will help the City manage increasingly complex monitoring and reporting requirements. With a simple interface, Rapport aggregates energy, water and waste data, bypassing the need for manual entry or spreadsheets. Beautiful, customizable charts and graphs help users immediately visualize their energy, water and waste footprint and identify opportunities for cost savings.

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure,” said John Rooks, CEO of Rapport. “Rapport simplifies sustainability management and efficiency benchmarking by automating utility data collection and making environmental metrics more comprehensible and actionable. We are excited to help the City achieve its own sustainability goals and catalyze engagement among businesses in Portland.”

Rapport will automate delivery of the City’s utility data into the EPA’s Portfolio Manager benchmarking tool, used in the ENERGY STAR certification process. ENERGY STAR is the government’s program for recognizing energy-efficient buildings and appliances. ENERGY STAR-certified spaces save money for businesses and taxpayers; reduce carbon emissions; and contribute to a healthier environment for residents, workers, and the community.


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